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Baketivity partnered with Joybyte to create engaging, diverse UGC content for organic social media and paid ads, with the ultimate goal of increasing the number of subscribers to their baking kits.

The Challenge

Baketivity offers many different products, including single kits, kitchen accessories and their rotating baking and cooking kits that arrive at your door on a monthly subscription basis. They wanted to increase their number of monthly subscribers vs purchasers of single baking kits and wanted to focus on the long-term benefits of being a Baketivity subscriber. Additionally, in the content they had produced before Joybyte, parents were never featured cooking or baking with their kids, which is what Baketivity is all about – connecting with your children in the kitchen and having screen-free family time. 

Our Solution

The Joybyte team tapped into our already existing mom creator network to start our initial outreach round and went from there. All the influencers we reached out to were so excited for this opportunity! We were able to create the content Baketivity had been looking for – parents in the kitchen baking and cooking with their kids. At the end of the 6-month campaign, Baketivity has nearly 170 pieces of licensed content they can use in ads, on their organic social, on their website, in email marketing, in promotional flyers for their boxes, etc.