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Elevated Craft partnered with Joybyte to leverage social media for brand awareness of their flagship product and new product launches and to create compelling UGC.

The Challenge

Elevated Craft saw massive success on Kickstarter when they launched their first flagship product: the Elevated Craft cocktail shaker, a patented new design and the first time in over 100 years the cocktail shaker has been redesigned. They knew the importance of creating a community around their brand, but they weren’t sure how to do this on social media. 

Our Solution

Unfortunately most professional bartenders and purists weren’t interested in taking a chance on a new product, so the Joybyte team sought out at-home bartenders who were passionate about cocktails and would be thrilled to try something new. We found these cocktail enthusiasts on the Elevated Craft Facebook group, online forums, and Reddit threads. We also took a look at popular craft cocktail locations and then scoured the comment sections to find people who possibly dabbled in creating cocktails at home as well.

We sent these creators an Elevated Craft cocktail shaker and asked them to produce content of themselves making one of their favorite cocktails. The results? Absolutely stunning video and photos of cocktails, delicious recipes, and jaw-dropping product photography of the star of the show: the Elevated Craft cocktail shaker.

During this campaign, we found a few key creators who still have long-term partnerships with Elevated Craft – one of which does a weekly segment called Friday Buzz where she creates beautiful videos with the Elevated Craft cocktail shaker, as well as the newest lineup of EC products.