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Makers of the finest golf products & accessories with one goal in mind: to help improve your golf game.




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Ghost Golf partnered with Joybyte to spread brand awareness, grow their following, increase conversions and drive long-term fandom from key creators who could help sell their products. 

The Challenge

Originally, Ghost Golf leaned heavily on the idea that “sex sells” and only wanted to work with influencers that looked a certain way. This strategy ended up not being super successful in the past, and under Joybyte’s guidance they realized their audience wanted to see people who also looked like them and not just attractive models – in fact, one of the most successful influencer posts came from an average couple who golfs with their dog every week.

Our Solution

Joybyte executed an influencer campaign strategy, which targeted golf influencers of all talents and sizes with high engagement rates. These influencers were asked to share video content on their pages of the best-selling Ghost Golf product: the magnetic golf towel. We then retargeted the influencers whose content performed the best with new product launches, including the new stretch-fit golf belt and the coveted Ghost Golf bag. The results? Ghost Golf gained 5,620 new followers, growing their follower count by 71% in the first 90 days. Reach increased by 3,571%, totaling 17 million, with 140,000 impressions each day. Post likes increased by 420%, with over 7,000 likes in the first 90 days. At the end of the campaign, 155 influencers created over 300 pieces of fully-licensed content and generated $300k in revenue for the brand.