Ice Barrel

Ice Barrel

Makers of cold therapy training units.




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Ice Barrel joined forces with Joybyte to increase social media engagement and brand awareness, curate high-quality UGC from influencers in the health and wellness space, and increase website traffic and conversions.

The Challenge

Before the brand really gained traction in the fitness space – Ice Barrel has since become an official partner of the CrossFit Games – influencers and consumers were a little wary of the high price tag for what is essentially a plastic bucket that you have to fill with ice and water every time you want to use it. Once the USPs were known and the right personas were targeted, the brand became unstoppable among their target audience. 

Our Solution

Joybyte launched an influencer campaign strategy, which targeted holistic health and biohacking micro influencers with high engagement rates to incorporate the Ice Barrel into their daily fitness routine and share it with their followers. We retargeted influencers whose content performed the best with a giveaway campaign to share the Ice Barrel product with their followers. The results? One high-performing giveaway posted by a retainer influencer gained Ice Barrel 1,500 new followers in a single day! Ice Barrel also saw a 320% in follower count growth, with an increase of 25,700 followers in the first 90 days, a 40% in website traffic and 25% increase in sales over the course of the campaign. Ice Barrel also made $400k in revenue and saw a 6x ROI.