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Jordan Craig

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Jordan Craig joined forces with Joybyte to work with fashion and streetwear influencers to promote their new product drops and multiple product lines.

The Challenge

Jordan Craig Denim has a legacy that spans decades and continues to make waves in the fashion industry. With new product drops happening all the time, sourcing high-quality custom content can be costly and time consuming. The Jordan Craig team knew they wanted to leverage user generated content to populate their organic social feed and show real people wearing their clothes.

Our Solution

Joybyte selects relevant micro influencers who can create high-quality and extremely creative user generated content while authentically sharing Jordan Craig’s brand story with their followers in various styled videos, such as GRWM (Get Ready With Me), A Day In The Life, OOTD (Outfit of the Day), and more. This group also includes a niche of plus-size influencers to show off Jordan Craig’s “Big Men” clothing line. We also reactivate select influencers whose posts have done well – this results in a handful of extremely valuable creators that can be called upon to create new content at any time. To date, these 150 influencers have created almost 800 pieces of content across multiple campaigns that has been viewed 3.5 million times.

Recently, 19 of these select influencers were called upon for a strategic BFCM campaign – each influencer was instructed to post on 11/21, with additional collaborator-influencer posts on 11/24 and 11/27. This resulted in 104 total posts from the influencers, which generated 470k+ impressions, 6,800+ likes, 1,200+ comments and created over $200,000 in revenue for the brand.

We also shifted the organic social media strategy from a monthly calendar to a weekly calendar to account for the fast-moving nature of Jordan Craig’s new product drops and how quickly they sell out. This change resulted in increased engagement and website traffic across the board.