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Mito Red Light

Relax, recharge and rejuvenate with next-generation red light therapy.




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Mito Red Light was a well-established brand with an engaged audience, but they knew their social media was falling flat and needed a revamp. They joined forces with Joybyte to give their brand a facelift and create compelling UGC to help spread awareness about red light therapy. 

The Challenge

One of the challenges with marketing red light therapy is it’s not FDA-approved. There are many studies about the viability of red light therapy for sports and injury recovery, hair loss and skin improvement, but there are many requirements about how to market it online. Finding the right influencers who could speak about the product in just the right way was crucial.

Our Solution

Luckily the Joybyte team has plenty of experience in the biohacking space! We started out the campaign by utilizing our previous contacts in the biohacking niche who already knew the benefits of red light therapy. We then utilized affinity creator searches to find other influencers who were similar to this target audience. We were pleasantly surprised to find many red light therapy educators on TikTok and Instagram and were able to find a lot of people already talking about the benefits of red light therapy who already had an engaged audience. They were thrilled to try Mito Red Light’s products and share them with their followers.

After testing this broad audience of biohackers and red light therapy influencers and seeing great success, we niched down and segmented the campaign into various athletes that could benefit from red light therapy like runners, cyclists, pickleball players and CrossFit enthusiasts. The results? 145 influencers generated more than 250 pieces of fully-licensed content that garnered 1.3 million views and impressions.