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Public Goods partnered with Joybyte to book 50 influencers to create UGC and promote their healthy ramen, home goods, and plant products.

The Challenge

Public Goods wanted to promote their top three product lines: plants, home goods, and healthy ramen. When segmenting the business into three distinct groups like this, it can be hard to get potent content back from influencers across each segment. Public Goods didn’t have the bandwidth internally to take on this project, so they brought in the experts at Joybyte. 

Our Solution

The Joybyte team leveraged our existing relationships with plant and foodie influencers and we quickly found that the ramen was the most popular. We had to pivot to find ways to get the same results for the other product lines. We found a niche of influencers – actors in LA looking for extra side work – who could follow our briefs and talk about the home goods products exactly how we wanted them to so we could have paid media content for these most expensive products. At the end of the campaign, 50 influencers created 67 fully-licensed assets that could be used for organic social media, paid ads, and more.