Rimini Chocolate

Rimini Chocolate

Rimini Chocolate

The world’s finest handcrafted artisan chocolates born out of love for the delicious gelati experienced in Rimini, Italy.




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Rimini Chocolate joined forces with Joybyte to seek out partnerships with luxury foodie influencers to promote their artisan chocolates.

The Challenge

The Rimini team wanted to get UGC created showing their gorgeous artisan chocolates being enjoyed by their target audience: luxury, high-end consumers. They were new to this game, and had a very low following on social media, which led to skepticism about their product and business from relevant influencers. They had to look the part in order to attract their target market. 

Our Solution

While they were busy making amazing confections in their chocolate shop in Vail, Colorado, the Joybyte team was hard at work getting the Rimini Chocolate Instagram and TikTok account ready to attract the right luxury audience who can afford the price of their artisan chocolates. Once the influencers tasted the chocolates, they were hooked and couldn’t get enough, and the content poured in! During the winter/spring season (chocolates can’t be shipped in the summer due to the heat), 203 influencers have created more than 300 pieces of content showing off Rimini’s fine chocolates, creating a buzz around their products and increasing orders.