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Cactus by the foot, tropical plants & rare finds, shipped right to your door.




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Varnish and Vine partnered with Joybyte to create a library of compelling UGC they could leverage on organic social media and paid ads. 

The Challenge

The team at Varnish and Vine has a very strong community who love their plant products and brand, but they weren’t leveraging their community to create content. Previously, the brand had a physical store and most of the social content focused on in-store events and didn’t reflect their current online offerings and new brand direction. They didn’t have the in-house staffing required to seek out influencers and activate their community. 

Our Solution

Joybyte leveraged Varnish and Vine’s loyal community and sought other plant mom/dad influencers (of which there are many!) to create a plethora of UGC for the brand. We found that the influencers were so excited to receive a new plant to add to their collection they would often film multiple pieces of creative, including unboxing/plant mail videos, repotting videos, and plant photography showing off their new plant babies integrated into their collection. At the end of the campaign, 76 influencers created 121 fully-licensed assets for Varnish and Vine!