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Luxury performance golf bags & golf products.




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Vessel Golf partnered with Joybyte to create a high volume of UGC to promote their premium golf bags on Instagram and TikTok.

The Challenge

Vessel was looking to create high-quality UGC with golfers of different skill levels – from the everyday joe to the elite pro golfer – to show that their bags are truly for everyone and are built to last. But they didn’t want to break the bank when getting this type of content. 

Our Solution

The Joybyte team identified three influencer personas within the golf community: everyday golfers, fashion/lifestyle golfers, and elite golfers. Using our proven process, we identified, vetted, and communicated with hundreds of influencers. The result? Top-notch content that looks great on the feed and triggers buying intent. To date, these 191 influencers have created nearly 750 pieces of fully-licensed content that has been viewed 8.6 million times!