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Nuvata partnered with Joybyte to spread brand awareness and drive sales at local retailers in California, Oklahoma, and Arizona. 

The Challenge

There was a lack of visibility on social media due to the sensitive nature of being able to promote cannabis products on Instagram and TikTok – there are always risks of restrictions, shadow banning and even account deletion. While Nuvata had a historic success working with ambassadors, they knew how hard it was to scale that type of program and they didn’t have the bandwidth internally to maximize these efforts. That’s where Joybyte comes in!

Our Solution

We geotargeted ambassadors in California, Oklahoma and Arizona who participated in activities specific to Nuvata’s product descriptions. Each Nuvata vape product in their Mind Body series has a different color and flavor associated with them and are best matched with various activities like “going to a museum, doing yoga, hiking, etc.” We were able to find niches within this activity of ambassadors who could show off the Nuvata products in a diverse array of settings and environments. Our goals were to show up in front of people in these targeted areas and also relate the product to activities they might already be doing in order to generate visits to local retailers that sold Nuvata products. At the end of the campaign, 23 influencers created 74 fully-licensed assets for the brand.