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Dezo approached Joybyte for an organized way to leverage their existing personal relationships with influencers and find new relationships with influencers to promote their seltzer products. 

The Challenge

The Dezo team are influencers in their own right and found success on social media by promoting their hard seltzers at festivals and events. But they needed a partner to help provide organization and structure to leverage their existing relationships with influencers and help them find new ones. Due to being an alcoholic beverage, Dezo is unable to run paid social ads and must rely on organic social and influencers for promotion and growth. 

Our Solution

Since the seltzer market is fairly saturated and the target audience is so broad, the Joybyte team had to find the right niche of influencers for the job. We started by leveraging the personal relationships of the Dezo team and then finding similar influencers that fit the YouTube creator house vibe – influencers that had a large group of friends and could demonstrate the party atmosphere of Dezo. We sent larger quantities of the product for them to take to parties and shoot content. There was also a smaller niche of fitness influencers who were also interested in Dezo for its clean ingredients, so this group was leveraged as well. The biggest win? One influencer video went viral, with 134,000 views, 88,000 likes, and 810 comments.