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Duka partnered with Joybyte to get their new US-based brand off the ground with social media and UGC to promote overall brand awareness for this new brand.

The Challenge

With a new brand, it’s always difficult to get started. Influencers aren’t sure about the brand/product if there’s nothing to show on social media pages, so creating social proof from the start was the first hurdle.

Our Solution

Once the Joybyte team laid down a foundation on social media, we got to work finding the right niche of influencers who would relate to this brand and fall in love with it. The a-ha moment came with foodie creators and entertainers. We found great success with sending large product packages to influencers who would create videos like “Set your table with Duka” or show recipes using Duka products that generated buzz and engagement but also could be used as content for organic social. At the end of the campaign, 70 influencers created more than 200 pieces of fully-licensed content for the brand that has been viewed nearly 3 million times.