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Nourishing lactation snacks and supplements for moms.




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Majka partnered with Joybyte to uplevel their social media presence and get UGC created for use on organic social media and paid advertising, as well as raise their overall brand awareness. 

The Challenge

Since Majka’s products are designed for pregnant and nursing mothers, their content mostly focuses on breastfeeding and therefore they were looking for influencers who were comfortable showing themselves breastfeeding their baby on camera. Not only is this group of influencers a moving target (pregnant/nursing mothers), as it’s always changing and you have to find them at the exact right moment in their journey, this can also be a difficult ask as it can be very personal.

Our Solution

The Joybyte team found influencers within the breastfeeding community who had niche audiences that asked a lot of questions about breastfeeding. We retargeted the top influencers with paid campaigns and had them create 6-10 pieces of content for organic and paid. Once we had an arsenal of 10 of the best influencers, we could reactivate them at any time and send them new products to get additional content as needed. At the end of the campaign, 150 influencers created more than 250 fully-licensed assets for Majka to use on organic and paid social, on their website, in their email newsletters, etc. This content has also generated almost 1 million views across social media.